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Trading With Auto Bots At It's Finest.

We know that trading is not an easy thing but with our bots and our expertise we are able to optimize profits for every investor and ourselves.

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You may invest in any plan at any given time, or invest in all of them with no limit in frequency of deposits in any of the plans.

Iron Hide Fast Plan


AFTER 4 days


$10 TO $100000

Bumble Bee Plan


Daily FOR 12 days


$25 TO $100000

Optimus Prime Plan


AFTER 12 days


$25 TO $100000

Welcome to Cryptomus Prime

The cryptocurrency trading bots we use have been coded with algorithms that enable us to safely make bigger margins than normal bots do. Our bots have a unique algorithm that is not available in the mass market and never will be made available to the public and therefore it is exclusive to

Hassle-Free Profits

We shoulder all the risks involved in any trading that is done. We are very confident with our software that we are willing to absorb the risks involved for you.

Experience Plus Bots

Combining our natural born skills in trading with the bots that we utilize, majorly increases our profit margin on every trade.

It's Like Plug & Play

Investing with CryptomusPrime is as simple as registering and making a deposit and you need not do anything else after! Unless you want to make more by referring investors to us.

Cloudflare DDOS Protection

Our server is protected by Cloudflare and is hosted on a dedicated server with the highest specifications available.

Goal Oriented Team

Our team workflow is fluid and united in achieving goals. We are not only here to do this for you but also for our families and friends so you must expect the best.

Minimal Trial Amount

What's the sense of a minimum investment other than to test our program out and to start building trust with us. Start for as low as $10 and see for yourselves.

Diverse Options

We have a broad range of payment options when you decide to invest with us. If you want to invest a different crypto, just contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

We have a 3 Level Referral Structure.
1st Level referrals will earn you 4%.
2nd Level referrals will earn you 2%.
3rd Level referrals will earn you 1%.
No "Active Deposit" Required.


Operating Days

This is the number of days since the inception of Cryptomus Prime.

$ 134821.19

Gross Investments

This is the total amount invested by our investors from day one.


Registered Members

This is the total number of registered members on our website.

$ 33108.32

Gross Withdrawals

Withdrawals statistics paid out to our investors and marketers altogether.

Most Recent Deposits

Antonella1972 $15.71
Antonella1972 $14.97
Salvation7177 $19.42
harrykokan $10.95
Ponch $250.74
harrykokan $10.43
harrykokan $14.70
Minnie9 $25.00
harrykokan $14.00
harrykokan $13.33

Most Recent Withdrawals

desmooth $2.50
Ray2019 $2.50
sofoka $2.50
werwolf $13.50
kacemtrans $20.00
hyipincome $20.00
Bejee $10.00
feedurhead $20.40
sweazy $15.68

Please submit any query you may have and we will assist you within 24 hours or less.

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