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Cryptomus Prime Terms

Please completely read this page before registering for an account.

You hereby agree that you will not abuse the system upon registration. Each person is allowed only up to 1 account to prevent abuse of the referral system. You are not allowed to register for multiple accounts under the same referral network. Should your family members want to register for an account and you share the same internet connection, you must be ready to provide identification documents and proof of individuality when requested.

Everyone registering must use valid information only and must never use the same password as that of other websites or accounts, most especially, never register an account and use the same password here and for your e-mail address registered here. To be sure, please use a unique password instead for your account safety and security.

Users are required to select a secret question and provide a secret answer on the registration page because this will be the question asked whenever you need something modified for your account information on our website.

Payment information must be entered upon or after registration to seal the fields and lock them in place so your account will be 100% secured from hackers. This is your responsibility to fill in the payment account information as soon as possible so no one else can modify it aside from the support team.

Withdrawals are set at $0.25 for PerfectMoney and Payeer and $5.00 for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoincash, Dash, and Dogecoin, but this may be changed depending on the necessity to alter the minimums based on the fees required to send such amount. Withdrawals processing can take up to 24 hours at a maximum and no one must make a follow up if 24 hours have not yet passed.

Deposits via Payeer and Perfectmoney are instantly activated while cryptocurrency deposits require 3 confirmations on their respective blockchain explorers before they get activated. This must be understood by everyone to prevent out of place and unnecessary complaints.

Ethereum deposits must come from wallets that are "NOT" smart contracts. Transfers must not be "INTERNAL TRANSFERS" when checked or viewed on or other Ethereum block explorers. If you deposited and it was from a smart contract wallet and shows as an internal transfer, please contact us immediately so we can activate that deposit.

Deposits via cryptocurrencies are flexible and follow real-time cryptocurrency rates in USD. It is advised that you transfer a little more than the minimum amount instructed on the deposit confirmation page to prevent activation of the transfer to your account balance instead of the chosen plan. You can actually transfer any amount in the crypto of choice and not necessarily the instructed and shown crypto amount on the deposit confirmation page and that amount will be reflected to your deposit in full.

If your cryptocurrency deposit is for the minimum deposit amount for the chosen plan and you sent the actual amount as shown in the instructions page, chances are that if at the time of confirmation of the transfer and the crypto value in USD goes below the rate when you initiated the deposit, that your deposit might go to your account balance instead of the chosen plan, so we suggest you send an extra amount just to make sure your deposit is not affected by the fluctuation of values.

Anyone in violation of any rules that are dictated by common sense and that are commonly applied on programs such similar to Cryptomus Prime, will be interrogated properly before action is taken. However, those who are obviously abusing the system will get banned without any notice and all funds within those accounts will be used for charity.

Use of CryptomusPrime platform is free of charge, we do not charge fees for withdrawals and we shoulder the transfer fees where applicable.

Earnings of referral commissions is applicable to everyone, active depositors and inactive members alike. The commission we give is 4% for direct referrals, 2% for the 2nd level referrals and 1% for the 3rd level referrals. Build your network properly and get a chance to increase these rates depending on your success progress rate in marketing and building your referral network. Contact us for more information.

We do not collect personal information aside from an alias of choice or username and valid e-mail address for contacts purposes. Users must agree to receive newsletters and updates through emails from our system from time to time. This is a requirement of ours so that we can keep in touch with our investors as part of our customer care vision.

We reserve the right to reject or decline registrations when we feel necessary. If you have complaints, please ensure that it is valid.

Your contact information will remain to be in use only by us and will never be shared to any other company or third party application or individuals for whatever reason. We will never send you SPAM messages and all users must never use SPAM as a way to market and refer investors to us.