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For the knowledge of everyone

This news is being posted to inform and familiarise everyone of the HOW's and WHAT's of First we take care of the HOW's. Most popular question comes first.

1. How do you generate profit for us investors?

Answer: Simple answer, we use trading bots that only we have and nobody else use the same bots. Our success rate is very high in comparison with other over the counter (if we may call the other bots) bots.

2. How come you are not yet listed on any monitor?

Answer: Let me reiterate that we are not familiar before with monitors and that we are going to get listed after investigation and research on what these are. We only make spending decisions that we know will give us conversions.

3. How are you able to make money while lockdown?

Answer: The answer to this is very simple. Since we use trading bots and we trade on cryptocurrencies solely, we are able to do this even from the comfort of our homes. If you had these bots too, you can do it from your home. As a matter of fact, even if you do not have bots and you want to trade on your own you can do so too from anywhere, even when you're in the toilet, and that is speaking truthfully and seriously.

Let's now move on to the WHAT's. Again most popular question comes first.

1. What is your usual turnover per trade?

Answer: This varies depending on the movement of the value of cryptocurrencies per block hour. We do not make profits every 24 hours but rather on a per hour basis and we average the total win versus loss amount every 24 hours. This information is kept private from the investors since this is part of the accounting behind the scenes just like any other trading or financial institution.

2. What is your company registration number?

Answer: Simply put, we are not yet registered and we currently do not have plans to do so. Why? Registering will require us to open our books for audit, and that we will need to revise the payment plans or investment plans we have in place. We do not wish to pass the taxes to our international investors as their tax laws may differ from ours and they may get double taxed.

3. Follow up question to number 2, do you pay taxes?

Answer: Yes, we individually pay taxes on the money we make. The money we make for our investors is money that is not our profit and therefore, it is your decision as an investor if you wish to pay taxes , that is under your full discretion.

4. What is the name of your leader or manager?

Answer: The person answering all these question is me, Mark Harding, a 39 year old chap from London. I am always looking for ways to improve and believe that the only thing permanent in this world is change. So rather change for the better and start the change.

That is all for today and again, be safe please.