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Errors fixed and other news

Today we have fixed some bugs in our system and our website. We have properly set the plans and included a proper working calculator so you know what to expect from the investment plans we have. The plan names may sound cheesy but that is just the theme we are using. Serious group of traders here catering to serious investors only.

Coming up is the manual input of your existing referrals in our system , an update coming soon about this and an e-mail to be dispatched to all our existing investors from months ago. Our growth may be unstoppable especially when we start advertising online but rest assured that our customer care and relationship with everyone remains the same, of course with heart and care.

We are just getting the hang of this and we are almost there, with the streamlining of all the services we have for you. Cheers to everyone. We will make it far for sure. Again, please be safe.