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Monitors here we come

CryptomusPrime is giving in to the requests of several registered members to list with monitoring companies. Again, we are getting the hang of this and realised that these are also marketing venues for those looking for investment platforms to invest with. Not that we actually need to do this, but here we come.

We will be listing with some monitors which we think may be of high popularity within the next couple of days and see from there.

Banners are available since we did not actually think we needed them, so please make use of these banners to promote our platform.

Referral structure have also been modified from a direct 3% only to a 3 level referral program which we have reflected on our terms and FAQ pages. 4% goes to successful referrer for their direct or first level referrals and then 2% for the 2nd level and 1% for the 3rd level. Need more information about how this works? Contact our team and we will provide you with a detailed information.