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Labor Day News

We do not know if everyone celebrates this but we wish everyone a happy Labor's day. It may not be applicable right now since most of the jobs are currently unavailable and currently we are all in lockdown just like the past month or so. But still we wish everyone to have at least a great day today.

Some newly registered members are asking why we do not have a Facebook Page or group or other channels of communication. To simply answer this, is that we do not focus on such social media marketing as of the moment because we want this to grow organically through word of mouth. Believe us when we say we have great plans ahead for our platform and everyone with us as of the moment.

By the way, what are monitors? Some of you have suggested we add them but we have no clue what they are. As a matter of fact, we only put this website up using a script available online, to streamline our services and since this script has all the features we need (special thanks goes to user "airbourne" for pointing us in the right direction on this. It serves all the requirements we need and ticks all the boxes so here we go.

Monitoring companies to be added soon.