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Bitcoin halving is coming

The Bitcoin halving is coming and we are glad about it. Why? Because there is a great profit opportunity here. Whenever halving occurs in whatever cryptocurrency or coin, the fluctuation of value of the coin involved always goes up and down by great margins, and you know what that means... PROFITS. Multiple profit opportunities per day are the things we like and our bots can do the magic for all of us. Trade up or trade down, it does not matter during this time. It is a traders market out there and should be for the next several weeks or months who knows. We don't really mind it because our bots do the job for us.

Thank you to the programmers who are still with us until now and working on improving our already perfect bots even more.

Do we share our trading sheets? No we don't, sorry. Just be happy and content that we are constantly paying and never had a problem doing so.