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Crypto Rally in Price Happened Today
If you did not notice it, Cryptocurrencies surged in prices hours ago with Bitcoin gaining more about 10% in value. But this did not last long as it went back to the $9,300 level and now steady at $9,500 average.

Altcoins have surged as well but are now back to the previous prices prior to the upward surge. Watch out guys, prices are really good right now.
Jun-2-2020 04:38:58 PM
Good time to buy in
It is a good time to buy and store Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. By average a decrease in value of about 4% average occurred as of the moment and a little movement with a good volume can generate a good percentage margin for storage or more trading activities over the course of the day.
May-25-2020 11:30:47 AM
It seems like
It seems like having listed on the monitors is a great way to get more exposure for our business. CryptomusPrime is now listed on major monitors. We would like to see your support by rating us on the monitors by visiting our Ranking page.
May-23-2020 02:28:14 PM
CryptomusPrime listed on 3 monitors
As promised, we are listing with top monitors right now. First we start with those that came with good results from Google. , and Let's see how many more we will add along the way. Cheers to a positive future for everyone all across the globe.

We are yet to get the full hang of this, but we shall be in full force with this internet marketing in no time at all.

Stay safe and be safe please.
May-20-2020 03:23:47 PM
Monitors here we come
CryptomusPrime is giving in to the requests of several registered members to list with monitoring companies. Again, we are getting the hang of this and realised that these are also marketing venues for those looking for investment platforms to invest with. Not that we actually need to do this, but here we come.

We will be listing with some monitors which we think may be of high popularity within the next couple of days and see from there.

Banners are available since we did not actually think we needed them, so please make use of these banners to promote our platform.

Referral structure have also been modified from a direct 3% only to a 3 level referral program which we have reflected on our terms and FAQ pages. 4% goes to successful referrer for their direct or first level referrals and then 2% for the 2nd level and 1% for the 3rd level. Need more information about how this works? Contact our team and we will provide you with a detailed information.
May-18-2020 03:48:00 PM
For the knowledge of everyone
This news is being posted to inform and familiarise everyone of the HOW's and WHAT's of First we take care of the HOW's. Most popular question comes first.

1. How do you generate profit for us investors?

Answer: Simple answer, we use trading bots that only we have and nobody else use the same bots. Our success rate is very high in comparison with other over the counter (if we may call the other bots) bots.

2. How come you are not yet listed on any monitor?

Answer: Let me reiterate that we are not familiar before with monitors and that we are going to get listed after investigation and research on what these are. We only make spending decisions that we know will give us conversions.

3. How are you able to make money while lockdown?

Answer: The answer to this is very simple. Since we use trading bots and we trade on cryptocurrencies solely, we are able to do this even from the comfort of our homes. If you had these bots too, you can do it from your home. As a matter of fact, even if you do not have bots and you want to trade on your own you can do so too from anywhere, even when you're in the toilet, and that is speaking truthfully and seriously.

Let's now move on to the WHAT's. Again most popular question comes first.

1. What is your usual turnover per trade?

Answer: This varies depending on the movement of the value of cryptocurrencies per block hour. We do not make profits every 24 hours but rather on a per hour basis and we average the total win versus loss amount every 24 hours. This information is kept private from the investors since this is part of the accounting behind the scenes just like any other trading or financial institution.

2. What is your company registration number?

Answer: Simply put, we are not yet registered and we currently do not have plans to do so. Why? Registering will require us to open our books for audit, and that we will need to revise the payment plans or investment plans we have in place. We do not wish to pass the taxes to our international investors as their tax laws may differ from ours and they may get double taxed.

3. Follow up question to number 2, do you pay taxes?

Answer: Yes, we individually pay taxes on the money we make. The money we make for our investors is money that is not our profit and therefore, it is your decision as an investor if you wish to pay taxes , that is under your full discretion.

4. What is the name of your leader or manager?

Answer: The person answering all these question is me, Mark Harding, a 39 year old chap from London. I am always looking for ways to improve and believe that the only thing permanent in this world is change. So rather change for the better and start the change.

That is all for today and again, be safe please.
May-12-2020 04:15:46 PM
Meanwhile, around the world
Today brought us mixed feelings. We are happy that we have made a huge chunk of profit for ourselves and ensured that we have a growing capital + profits fund pool, but at the same time feeling uneasy when we read news about the COVID 19 around the world.

People, please stay indoors and be wary of the history of pandemics, a 2nd wave is imminent and must be avoided. If you are well informed and you know you're smarter than the majority, please stay at home and do not go out if not necessary. Money is valueless if you don't get to spend it because you're infected and God knows what may happen. So please be pro active and suggest to everyone you know to stay indoors still even if lockdown measures are easing down.
May-9-2020 07:23:31 PM
Additional cryptocurrencies accepted
Much to our surprises, we are ready to accept Dogecoin and Dash as our additional accepted payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. Again, these will follow the same real-time rates in USD just like our current crypto line up of payments.

Minimum withdrawal will follow the same as for any other cryptocurrencies. Deposits are automated after 3 confirmations similar to that of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoincash and Litecoin.

We hope that you find this useful and to remind everyone that you can utilise these cryptocurrencies for depositing in any investment plan we offer.
May-7-2020 04:05:22 PM
Completion of referral network manual input
For our old investors (not by actual age lol), we have completed manually entering all account information and you should all receive a notification with instructions on how to view your referrals list. We have completed manually linking every downline you have with our current system. All systems are a go. No more manual input of old referrals and downlines. Thank you to the team behind us in helping us make this a fast procedure.

Always be safe and stay indoors just like what we always tell everyone via e-mail.
May-3-2020 09:30:45 PM
Labor Day News
We do not know if everyone celebrates this but we wish everyone a happy Labor's day. It may not be applicable right now since most of the jobs are currently unavailable and currently we are all in lockdown just like the past month or so. But still we wish everyone to have at least a great day today.

Some newly registered members are asking why we do not have a Facebook Page or group or other channels of communication. To simply answer this, is that we do not focus on such social media marketing as of the moment because we want this to grow organically through word of mouth. Believe us when we say we have great plans ahead for our platform and everyone with us as of the moment.

By the way, what are monitors? Some of you have suggested we add them but we have no clue what they are. As a matter of fact, we only put this website up using a script available online, to streamline our services and since this script has all the features we need (special thanks goes to user "airbourne" for pointing us in the right direction on this. It serves all the requirements we need and ticks all the boxes so here we go.

Monitoring companies to be added soon.
May-1-2020 12:17:35 PM
Bitcoin halving is coming
The Bitcoin halving is coming and we are glad about it. Why? Because there is a great profit opportunity here. Whenever halving occurs in whatever cryptocurrency or coin, the fluctuation of value of the coin involved always goes up and down by great margins, and you know what that means... PROFITS. Multiple profit opportunities per day are the things we like and our bots can do the magic for all of us. Trade up or trade down, it does not matter during this time. It is a traders market out there and should be for the next several weeks or months who knows. We don't really mind it because our bots do the job for us.

Thank you to the programmers who are still with us until now and working on improving our already perfect bots even more.

Do we share our trading sheets? No we don't, sorry. Just be happy and content that we are constantly paying and never had a problem doing so.
Apr-29-2020 03:32:20 PM
Errors fixed and other news
Today we have fixed some bugs in our system and our website. We have properly set the plans and included a proper working calculator so you know what to expect from the investment plans we have. The plan names may sound cheesy but that is just the theme we are using. Serious group of traders here catering to serious investors only.

Coming up is the manual input of your existing referrals in our system , an update coming soon about this and an e-mail to be dispatched to all our existing investors from months ago. Our growth may be unstoppable especially when we start advertising online but rest assured that our customer care and relationship with everyone remains the same, of course with heart and care.

We are just getting the hang of this and we are almost there, with the streamlining of all the services we have for you. Cheers to everyone. We will make it far for sure. Again, please be safe.
Apr-27-2020 07:55:38 PM
Welcome to the official launch
The launch of CryptomusPrime was due to the demand of everyone already involved in the trades we do. They have deemed it necessary to open this opportunity to the public for the purpose of giving an option to everyone who needs it most at this current time. We, and everyone supporting us have come to a conclusion that we need to open our doors online to provide the services we do to the general public.

During this time of pandemic, we are here to help you buffer expenses through additional income streams that our bespoke trading bots can handle properly and smoothly without fail.

Thank you to the people behind us in convincing us to do this. Welcome to
Apr-24-2020 09:28:43 AM