b Cryptomus Prime - 10% Daily for 12 Days, 133% After 12 Days, 105% After 4 Days - Accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Doge, Dash, Payeer and PerfectMoney.
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Right after you register, you can start investing with us. Just make sure you have enough funds in the payment account you plan on using. This could be in your cryptocurrency wallets or your wallets with Perfectmoney or Payeer.
No you are not allowed to edit your account information yourself for security reasons. You are given the chance to enter your payout information in the registration page or if you left the fields blank on the registration page, then you can enter them once only when you edit your payment information after logging in. Same is true for your e-mail address, only our team can edit this for you, after a series of tests to prove that you are the rightful owner of the account you claim to own.
Yes you may. You are not required to have an upline in order to participate as we are not an MLM company.
You are not required to have an active deposit to earn commissions.
Use the forgot password page in order to reset your password, but you can also contact us for assistance if you need better help.
Yes we did not limit the capacity of investments in any plan we offer. Any investor can invest over and over again in a single plan or spread them across the 3 plans we offer. You can make multiple investment transactions in any plan at any given time without restrictions.
We have currently set the minimum withdrawal to $0.25 for both PM and Payeer and for the cryptocurrencies we accept, the minimum withdrawal is $5.00.
We use the real-time cryptocurrency rates because we are trading based on the USDT / CRYPTO and vice versa rates most of the time and therefore this dictates us to apply the same when accepting investments from cryptocurrencies and is also what we do when processing withdrawals.
If your deposit was not added instantly after the required confirmation of 3 confirmations for all crypto deposits, then you may need to contact us to check. Usually this could be an ETH transaction where the wallet you used to transfer to us was a "Smart Contract" wallet, if so, please contact us immediately so we can active it for you.
When you make a minimum deposit, please try to transfer additional dollar or 2 to prevent fluctuation down upon confirmation of your crypto transaction to us. This additional dollar or 2 will be credited on top of the amount you were required to send anyway. If you sent the exact crypto amount shown on the deposit confirmation page and your deposit went to balance, this means that the rate fluctuated downwards upon confirmation versus the rate when you initiated the transfer.
Usually within 15 hours only but most of the time faster than that.
Yes you can make a deposit from account balance. Deposits from balance do not give out referral commission.
Wallet providers require different number of confirmations and you should check how many confirmations your wallet provider requires to reflect the transfer. Some wallet providers have a minimum amount required in order for them to accept the transfer and reflect it on your balance with them.